Famous People and stuff

Recently I’ve gotten really into knowing people.  Like really knowing people.  People I don’t know.  Famous people. I don’t mean like ‘oh yeah Madonna’s done loads of Albums’ I mean ‘Madonna lost her virginity in a Cadillac and has an IQ of 140’. So here, dear readers, is a list of people I’ve spent some of my life looking at (with no explanation what-so-ever):

Friday Cahlo

Russell Brand 

Martin Luther (the medieval Reformer not the civil rights activist)

Gok Wan

Amy Winehouse

Noel Fielding 

If anyone can find a pattern in these humans other than that they are all human I would be greatful if you could tell me below, or are you, like me, at a loss? Also, who are you guys really interested in at the moment.  

Have a wonderful day xox


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