Famous People and stuff

Recently I’ve gotten really into knowing people.  Like really knowing people.  People I don’t know.  Famous people. I don’t mean like ‘oh yeah Madonna’s done loads of Albums’ I mean ‘Madonna lost her virginity in a Cadillac and has an IQ of 140’. So here, dear readers, is a list of people I’ve spent some of my life looking at (with no explanation what-so-ever):

Friday Cahlo

Russell Brand 

Martin Luther (the medieval Reformer not the civil rights activist)

Gok Wan

Amy Winehouse

Noel Fielding 

If anyone can find a pattern in these humans other than that they are all human I would be greatful if you could tell me below, or are you, like me, at a loss? Also, who are you guys really interested in at the moment.  

Have a wonderful day xox



Why must men stare at me whilst I’m on the treadmill or doing weights.  It is literally so fucking pointless to just look at me and then look down when I glance over… I can see you in the floor length mirror that you were checking yourself out in earlier.??!?

Also, I’ve got no make up on, sweating like a pig and silently wishing death upon myself, you think I want to chat with you.  Well I don’t, and neither does the girl two down from me or the one at the end.  So stop it.  Even if I did want to talk I couldn’t because if I am running I am on the brink of a long asthma attack and a speedy death.

This has been a PSA.

Page 1

I was on tumblr earlier and it said that today is the 1st page of a 365 page novel.  But the things is…. It’s not.

Today may well be the first sentence in a new chapter but a new year does not constitute a new you.  We are still who we were yesterday and will continue to be tomorrow.  All we can do is try to change our perspective on who we were, are and will be and use all the old sentences to make a book worth reading.  

So make your book worth reading, and make this chapter all about character development and setting the scene for a new story. 

I love you all, and happy new year!!!