I’ve been writing a lot recently, just not on here (sorry about that).  I’ve been writing my personal statement, history coursework, English coursework, short stories, my uni application and blog posts. 

I want you guys to know that I love you all and I will get better at writing on a daily/weekly/hopefully-not-annually basis.  

Love and hugs for you all,

Grace xox


2 thoughts on “Writing 

  1. I wrestle with a similar dilemma – different time sinks though. I can never decide whether it’s worth writing something – just so my blog sees some activity (my circa 20 followers could fear me dead) or if I hold off until I have some spare time to write properly. I’ve ended up deciding it doesn’t matter, I write for me and stuff gets added when it’s ready.

    Good luck with all that work you’ve got going!


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