The pocket thing

When you start noticing gender inequality it’s a shock.  Girls aren’t allowed to play football, boys can’t play with barbies. On the radio you’ll hear about the dreaded ‘pay gap’ although at seven you won’t understand what that means.  Next you’ll notice how few women you see in positions of power on tv.  The women are always the assistant, the side-kick there to ask a question and wear a miniskirt.  Then you’ll start looking, you’ll see unfair gender roles- boys can’t wear dresses or cry, girls can’t be heads of state.  The king has more power than the queen, the father more than the mother.

By seventeen they have become an everyday part of life but there’s one that always gets me.  Pockets.  Women have smaller pockets and it’s a problem.  Here’s a short list of things I can’t in my jeans pockets: a phone, a wallet, my hand, some change, sometimes anything because there aren’t any.

Men design clothes for women.  They make it so we have tighter clothes and smaller pockets because it’s more aesthetically pleasing.  We can’t hold things in our pockets so we buy their bags and then allow men to ridicule us for carrying bags.

As you may have suspected I have a bigger point to make: women have had less opportunities than men to be great.  When a man says to you that women have not been as important in society, have not been in positions of power show them your pocket, say: ‘we were not educated but we learnt, we were not mighty but we were still great, we may not have fought in wars but we did not cause them.”  Show them your pockets and then tell them to fuck off.


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