I’m calling it

Today I had an idea as I have done on many days.  Actually idea may not be the word, maybe it’s more of a flickering beacon of real thought.  Basically, it hit me that words are just noises and so names are jumper specific noises assigned to things in order for everything to make a little bit more sense.  This struck me as I was listening to my Italian friends talk (I’m so cosmopolitan) and I realiased that they were using words to describe things, same as I do, but they used different noises to me.  That’s all language barriers are, differences in noises.  And I don’t know whether your following this strand of thinking at all but really it’s quite a simple concept.  So why is it then that within one language, one configuration of noises is correct?  I don’t have an answer to that I just wanted your opinions.   


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