London Spy- A review 

The BBC’s new five part series London Spy started last night and I must say that I wasn’t sure.  My parents and I had seen the main actor Ben Whishaw in Skyfall as ‘Q’ and he became a bit of a family favourite so obviously this series was put on ‘series record’.   

I was cooking when it started, extractor fan on full blast, so I missed the first few exchanges.  However I saw the shots and you have to give the BBC props for their wonderful cinematography. Every BBC drama I’ve watched, be it anything from Wolf Hall to Sherlock, has been beautifully set and the camera work has told the story along with the acting.   London Spy was no acception to this rule with sweeping views of the Thames coupled with close ups of eyes or hands or cigarettes. 

The actual content storyline wise was slow but it suited the scenery, it was only at the end that the real intrigue began to be layed out.  The writing showed Tom Smith’s agility at handling complex and confusing circumstances delicately and like a genuine human being might.  There its some strong language but that corresponds to the life which Danny the protagonist lives.  The only slightly confusing part of the plot was the jump in time from a few weeks into the relationship to seven months.

The acting was pretty on point.  Alex the love interest (played by Edward Holcroft) who we as a family have knicknames ‘cheekbones’ for obvious reasons, was very convincing as a genius with OCD tendencies.  The two make an odd but endearing pair and the sex scenes were done tastefully as though it were a straight couple for which I was glad.  The expression of love from both was moving, with a hand touch symbolising everything we see grow between them.

Regardless of Danny’s penchant for V-neck t-shirts it as a genuinely enjoyable experience and if you’re into a little gore and a lot of tasteful gay love then give it a watch! 


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