For any students like me out there you’ll know that it’s coursework time.  That’s right, the days of too much coffee, blisters on hands, panic attacks and hoodies are upon us.  Before I get into this I know how lucky I am.  I’m getting some of the best education in the world and I am greatful for it, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have problems. But then again I’m not going to talk about the problems with our education system, I’ll leave that to parliament and people who don’t have three 4000 word essays to hand in.

What I’m going to talk about is how to de-stress a little bit (these are just things that work for me):

1. Do some stretching- not only does this release strain in your back, it releases chemicals in your brain which can lead to a more positive mindset I think 

2. Make some tea- as a proud British person I can promise you that tea is good and will comfort you

3. Play some relaxing music- I would recommend jazz but anyone who saw my last post will know that regardless of situation I recommend jazz

4. Work with friends- having someone who you know is going to push you to do better or keep you focussed it really useful. I’ve found that writing with my headphones in is great until I get stuck.  Working with someone means you can bounce ideas off people but also have someone to remind you that the world doesn’t end if you need to take a break

5. Go for a walk- most sites I’ve seen say run but honestly no one who is sane wants to run and walking works just as well

I hope these are a little useful to someone who is reading this regardless of whether or not you’re doing coursework.

Love you all xox


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