When looking at universities…

‘when looking at universities it is important to remember that you will be here for at least three years, you need to like it.’ ┬áSome impressively insightful advice given to me by a third year medical student at a university open day.

Whilst I agree it is important, this seems a bit vague for life changing decision so I made a list of some other things you need to look for:

Does it have your course?

Does your course look fun here?

Does your course look fun anywhere or have you simply chosen it because you’re good at it?

What at the staff like?

What are the current students like?

What is the Student’s Union like?

What events do they run at the Student’s Union?

Is there at least one bar on campus?

How close are other bars/night clubs?

What are the halls like?

How much stuff can you fit in your room?

Is there an oven for you to cook with?

How many people will you be sharing this oven with?

How safe is the surrounding area?

How far is it from your family?

Can you afford to live in the area?

what research are they doing?

Do they do scholarships?

if so could you get a scholarship?

what are the sports facilities?

how many societies do they have?

how many societies can you be a part of?

How highly do the student boards rate these societies?

Are you ready to commit to the rest of your life?