Finishing projects

Today I finished a piece of writing which so have been working in for about 3 weeks.  It’s weird because I can write a good bit of fiction in a matter of minutes but when you  get set a target it becomes so intense.  When this happens I tend to forget how to do everything and flunk out but this time I kept pushing and eventually for results.  If all goes to plan I’ll show you my work in a couple of weeks and hopefully you’ll like it as much as I do.  

What have you guys done recently that made you proud? Tell me in the comments.

Have a wonderful day x 



I’ve always thought flowers were boring.  My mum used to make me watch the Chealsey Flower Show where people make gardens and other people judge them.  That’s it.  That’s the whole thing. Someone’s says ‘here’s a garden’, someone else says ‘oh I’m not sure I like that rhododendron’.  Fascinating.

They’re meant to mean something.  When you’re ill you get flowers, when you get married you get flowers, to show you love someone you get them flowers, to say well done or I’m sorry is the same.  Literally anything can be said with flowers but what does that mean?.

Who even invented the idea of giving flowers? It was probably the ancient Greeks, they invented all sorts of stuff.  Or the Romans:  everyone knows that Caesar loved a flower crown.

It’s morbid, flowers at a funeral: ‘sorry you’re wife died, here’s something else to take care of but they’ll die in a few weeks, it’ll mirror your time with Sandra.’
At a wedding: ‘I know you’ve bought the equivalent of a hay-fever sufferers nightmare, but here’s some more.  They’ll wilt, just like your love’.

It’s not so much that  think it’s pointless I just think there are better things to do with that money.  If you’re a a wedding you know that they’ve got a list of things they need, use that.  If you’re at a funeral then do something to help the living, the dead no longer need your help.  Also, do you know how expensive it is to have a funeral? If you really want to help the family then get a fund going to pay for it.  That’d be a useful present and the memory of that will never leave the family.

Show you are with something more than beauty, use love instead.