A Quick Catchup

Hi everyone! 

Sorry I haven’t been on in ages but I’ve just otter back from Africa! That’s right, Grace tompkins took her fear of flying and pretty much everything else by the horns and travelled 13 hours overall by plane to go to Port Elizabeth in South Africa with the Huckleberry Foundation in order to help rebuild a primary school’s library and teach some lessons. 

It’s as incredible as it sounds.  Friends, fun and a lot of rain.  Even the native South Africans were taken aback by how much rain there was.  Of course they blamed the English for bringing it over with us but I quite like that idea.  Rain can’t stand to be away from us so it follows us all the way the South Africa to continue to be part of our lives (I’ve started doing that thing where you think really deeply about things that don’t matter and gloss over the actual points of morality).  I made a public speech which I haven’t done for a long time.  I danced lots and again, made some life long friends.

I also got really into the work of Lorde.  Has anyone else fallen deeply in love with her pretty much overnight? 

Sorry again for not being on much, hope you can see to forgive me (I was trying to make the world a better place I promise).  I might even put some pictures up if I can ever work out how to use a computer.

Hope you have a wonderful day,

Lots of love

Grace xxx

My sweaty face

Sometimes I go to the gym.  I know, I’m so healthy.  Anyway, I am also incredibly pale so when I excercise my face is the reddest thing in the world: I become Miss Tomato, Universe edition.  That was just a PSA.