Inside a tent

I have something to confess: before yesterday I had never been camping in my life.  This wasn’t because I hate the outdoors or even because I live in the city where I can’t put up a tent without being harassed by the police.  I just hadn’t been.  That all changed a couple of days ago when I set off on an adventure to a local field for team building with my charity group.  I won’t regale you with all of the events because that would take too much time and I am exhausted (who knew physical exertion makes you tired?) but here is just one of my misadventures from inside the tent in which I am proved to be a hero.

There was five of us in my tent and a hole in its floor through which a plentiful supply of organisms found their way during the night.  I have nothing against bugs or beetles or creepy crawleys (whatever they identify as) but when it’s midnight and you feel them crawling up your arm anyone will agree that it’s time for actions to be taken.  The action we decided upon was for all of us to move everything we owned to one side of the tent, the side not containing bugs, and a nominated hero (yours truly) was given the task of debugging the place.  Chaos insued it was beetle mania and long story short, tents, much like boats, need people evenly distributed throughout for them to work best.  At long last the largest (and obviously deadly) bugs were thrown unceremoniously from the tent and we drifted into unconsciousness.

Hope you all had a wonderful day,

Grace x


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