One thing that scares me 

There’s a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that goes ‘Do one thing every day that you’re scared of’ and I think that’s a totally empowering way to live your life, but I also think that living life in the slow lane is a great idea.  Rather than forcing myself to do some death-defying act everyday I prefer to stay in my comfort zone only pressing at the edges so I never quite burst the bubble.  Instead I conserve energy and watch deadly amounts of Netflix although I wouldn’t count that as something I’m afraid of, just something I do to pass the time.  Regardless of that I do have a lot of things that scare me, for example I am incredibly afraid of not being able to understand what someone’s is feeling.  I am also very afraid to keep my phone on in class in case I get in trouble and I can’t cross the road when the light is red (not I know I shouldn’t, I mean it makes my chest tighten and my palms sweat).  All of these are everyday things that make me uncomfortable but I also get scared on roller coasters, in large crowds moving in one direction and of geese (stop judging me).  I don’t come into contact with roller coasters often so facing that fear everyday may be a tad tough, similarly I am not a goose frequenter so that’s off the table.  I think when doing something that scares us we often have a go big or go home mentality when really I’ll walk in a crowed corridor, take deep breaths and get through it and that to me is just as brave as plummeting, possibly to my doom, in a small metal car attached to a rickety old track.  In short, try to push your bubble, widen your possibilities everyday is great, but if you don’t feel like it on one particular day or your fear is too big to handle,  don’t sweat it, we’ve got plenty more days to come and plenty more fears.

Hope out have a wonderful day,


P.s. What are some of your fears? Comment below!


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