Long Days and Thoughts from a Tired Human 

So… I haven’t been sleeping well.  This isn’t a new thing, I haven’t slept well since I was a child and everyone has a different reasons why: too much time in the sun, not enough fluids, overstimulation, not enough exercise, not enough tea, too much time in the city, not enough time interacting with other humans, repressed memories, an overactive mind due to excess creativity (the last two came from counsellors couldn’t you tell).  But recently I  really haven’t been sleeping well, I’m talking like 3 hours a night.  And although that may not be great for my health it did get me thinking about a lot of things.  Most of these things I then tried to put into blog posts which I reread in the cold harsh, light of day and realised they didn’t really make sense or belong on this blog.  But then that got me thinking: “why do great ideas become such shitty things?”  Take Legally blonde.  Legally blonde the movie was one of the best films ever made (and I will fight you on this) but Legally Blonde sequels? They’re shit.  Doctor Who: great premiss but newer episodes, shit.  The Olson twins, absolute role models ten years ago, now I know nothing about them (this wasn’t a great example I just wanted to acknowledge their existence, I feeling they’re importunate).  My blog ideas: when I first read them I feel like I’m breaking boundaries, like I am William Shakespeare.  Then I reread them.  They’re shit, so shitty infact one might call they’re poolific (like prolific but…) this is a stream of consiousness it was the best I could do.  So there’s the pattern.  The more we explore something, the more it becomes shitty and maybe that’s a life philosophy and maybe it’s not because the pattern is broken by the Olsen twins but it’s just a thought I wanted to get out of my brain and into yours.

Hope you have a great day,

Grace x

Ps.  Any better puns would be appreciated


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