Thank you to Laura Gabrielle Feasey for the challenge to write a 400 word piece from the prompt space.  I’m going to be honest this took a sinister turn whilst I was writing but I kind of like it.  Any feedback y’all have would be great.

Hope you enjoy my short piece:


Why was it so hard to write?  The words all seem to have been said before.  The endless “thank you”s and “I love you”s and “I’m sorry”s seemed too arbitrary when what was about to happen was so far from it.  What was about to happen was beyond words and maybe for that reason she could not find them.  She needed more than fillers and “I love you” wouldn’t cut it, it had lost its meaning the same time “forever” had.  Where once she had found solace in words now she felt nothing but resentment towards them, they had forsaken her when she had needed them most.  It was unforgivable.  Ironic though, considering what she was about to do.  She was going to do to her family what words had done to her.

What she wanted to say was that  regardless of time or place or situation she would protect them from harm.  That there was no choice.  No options left to explore.  She wanted them to know how thankful she was for the role they had played in her life.  No.  She wanted to relive it.  To face everyday again.  To pause, rewind and replay her life once more, like a film.  Just a script with actors.  If something went wrong, if someone got hurt, they could call cut and retake.  But this was real life.  It was ugly and messy and you couldn’t just fast forward through the pain or hide under a blanket when things got scary.  All you could do was face it head on.

So as she backspaced through her previous attempts and tried again to put into words the feelings she could not herself comprehend, she knew it was pointless.  She understood that regardless of how hard she tried now to tell them, they would never know.  It was too late.  All they would see was the back of her head as she moved further and further away from them, breaking every bond, every promise she had made.  They, the only family she had ever had, would be left thinking that she had abandoned them the way words had her.

As she stared at the blank screen, the space she so wanted to fill she knew she couldn’t.  All the questions they had would be left unresolved.

That page would lay blank while she was gone.


Hope you all enjoyed my first attempt at being creative,

Have a great day,

Grace x


4 thoughts on “Words

  1. It would be great if we had rewind and pause buttons for life, or could call “cut” as you said. It sounds to me like this person doesn’t really want to leave but feels they have no choice. Nice story!


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