Wearing colourful shoes on a grey day

  Today I was wearing all black (because I’m so punk rock) apart from some brilliantly blue shoes that I had bought a couple of days ago.  It was raining as it often does in England and I could help but muse on how grey it all was.  Concrete, Tarmac, cars, faces, people, all as grey as the sky there rain came pattering down from.  It was absolutely dismal and notparticularly conducive to positivity.  The wierd thing was that I knew the street I was standing on, I had seen almost everyday for 16 years yet today it as completely different to the place I saw during the summer.  When the sun is shining and the sky is blue people wear bright colours and smiles but when it rains and the wind picks up, we shield ourselves under layers of coats and grimaces.  It is almost as if the weather dictates us, nature dominating man in a way we can hardly begin to understand, and we call it normality.  

But this morning I looked outside the window and saw the weather.  Taking in the grey scene of the morning sky and decided that is blue wasn’t going to come from the sky it would have to come from some other place.  Obviously my shoes was the first thing I thought of to brighten my day (because really where else would a person look for enlightenment) so I slipped them on and slipped outside.  

Although it was still grey and people were still hunched to the wind, I felt great.  My shoes, like a patronas, we’re keeping the grey away and I could feel myself looking positive and confident.  Even though it was still raining, my makeup was somewhat sliding down my face and when I got to the bus top I had to wait half an hour (I swear bus companies don’t even try to be on time) in a tiny little shelter, I could still smile because even behind the clouds the sun can still shine and when you think about it like that, maybe there’s still sun on Arians day, we just have to work a bit harder to find it.

Hope you all h ave a wonderful day,

Love Grace x


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