Thank you Laura Gabrielle Feasey for the prompt Escape to write a 400 word story from.  Hope you guys like this…

Not many people can do what he does.  Everyday he reminds himself how entirely singular his job is, how all he has to do is follow instructions and get paid by the bucket load.  How fortunate he is to live the life that he lives!

And yet he was not happy, no, not even content. Yes he got paid lots.  Yes he got laid lots but his situation, his life, was just a series of fortunate moments.  Not a consistent line headed upwards towards a brighter future, a positive correlation of action and reaction equal to joy and wisdom and growth, more like a heartbeat, big highs and big lows but always at one level.  One rate, no growth, just movement that’s what he was.  He was still alive, heart still beating, air still pumped in and out of his body and that was in itself an achievement, but at night whilst his friends slept through their hangover, he semi-soberly thought on his life and where it would end.  What he truly wanted seemed a far away spot on an unobtainable horizon, the green light on the end of Daisy Buchannan’s dock and he was Jay Gatsby, his hand grasping at it but never quite reaching it.  That book ended in ruin and now he saw that same desire so present in Gatsby in himself and it scared him.

He wanted that heartbeat to stop, to ascend to a Nirvana but as he was constantly reminded, he was in the happy place.  In a world where millions lay hungry in the dirt, he was well fed and with goose-down  pillows.  He was warm and cosy with more money than he could possibly need, so then why did this not feel like his happy place?  Maybe his job, his notoriety, his love of liquor were traps set by some higher power to ensnare him and he was to relinquish his grasp on them before they consumed him as he did them: wholy and with no thought for the future.

So he sets down his bottle of whisky, stands and stretches.  He steps over bodies thick with knowledge and greed crumpled on the floor and steps out into the dark street.  He was on his way into his eternity, his happy eternity.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and let me know what out think in the comments below!!!

Also if you can think of a different title for it I would be extremely grateful.


Inside a tent

I have something to confess: before yesterday I had never been camping in my life.  This wasn’t because I hate the outdoors or even because I live in the city where I can’t put up a tent without being harassed by the police.  I just hadn’t been.  That all changed a couple of days ago when I set off on an adventure to a local field for team building with my charity group.  I won’t regale you with all of the events because that would take too much time and I am exhausted (who knew physical exertion makes you tired?) but here is just one of my misadventures from inside the tent in which I am proved to be a hero.

There was five of us in my tent and a hole in its floor through which a plentiful supply of organisms found their way during the night.  I have nothing against bugs or beetles or creepy crawleys (whatever they identify as) but when it’s midnight and you feel them crawling up your arm anyone will agree that it’s time for actions to be taken.  The action we decided upon was for all of us to move everything we owned to one side of the tent, the side not containing bugs, and a nominated hero (yours truly) was given the task of debugging the place.  Chaos insued it was beetle mania and long story short, tents, much like boats, need people evenly distributed throughout for them to work best.  At long last the largest (and obviously deadly) bugs were thrown unceremoniously from the tent and we drifted into unconsciousness.

Hope you all had a wonderful day,

Grace x

One thing that scares me 

There’s a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that goes ‘Do one thing every day that you’re scared of’ and I think that’s a totally empowering way to live your life, but I also think that living life in the slow lane is a great idea.  Rather than forcing myself to do some death-defying act everyday I prefer to stay in my comfort zone only pressing at the edges so I never quite burst the bubble.  Instead I conserve energy and watch deadly amounts of Netflix although I wouldn’t count that as something I’m afraid of, just something I do to pass the time.  Regardless of that I do have a lot of things that scare me, for example I am incredibly afraid of not being able to understand what someone’s is feeling.  I am also very afraid to keep my phone on in class in case I get in trouble and I can’t cross the road when the light is red (not I know I shouldn’t, I mean it makes my chest tighten and my palms sweat).  All of these are everyday things that make me uncomfortable but I also get scared on roller coasters, in large crowds moving in one direction and of geese (stop judging me).  I don’t come into contact with roller coasters often so facing that fear everyday may be a tad tough, similarly I am not a goose frequenter so that’s off the table.  I think when doing something that scares us we often have a go big or go home mentality when really I’ll walk in a crowed corridor, take deep breaths and get through it and that to me is just as brave as plummeting, possibly to my doom, in a small metal car attached to a rickety old track.  In short, try to push your bubble, widen your possibilities everyday is great, but if you don’t feel like it on one particular day or your fear is too big to handle,  don’t sweat it, we’ve got plenty more days to come and plenty more fears.

Hope out have a wonderful day,


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Short Thoughts

Do you think that when birds look at humans they wish for opposable thumbs the same way humans want wings?  Do we, in their eyes, have a super power but because we’ve grown used to it we don’t see it as super anymore?

I was thinking about this all day and I want your opinions on it (also Short Thoughts may be a thing I do from now on)

Hope you have a wonderful day

Grace x

Long Days and Thoughts from a Tired Human 

So… I haven’t been sleeping well.  This isn’t a new thing, I haven’t slept well since I was a child and everyone has a different reasons why: too much time in the sun, not enough fluids, overstimulation, not enough exercise, not enough tea, too much time in the city, not enough time interacting with other humans, repressed memories, an overactive mind due to excess creativity (the last two came from counsellors couldn’t you tell).  But recently I  really haven’t been sleeping well, I’m talking like 3 hours a night.  And although that may not be great for my health it did get me thinking about a lot of things.  Most of these things I then tried to put into blog posts which I reread in the cold harsh, light of day and realised they didn’t really make sense or belong on this blog.  But then that got me thinking: “why do great ideas become such shitty things?”  Take Legally blonde.  Legally blonde the movie was one of the best films ever made (and I will fight you on this) but Legally Blonde sequels? They’re shit.  Doctor Who: great premiss but newer episodes, shit.  The Olson twins, absolute role models ten years ago, now I know nothing about them (this wasn’t a great example I just wanted to acknowledge their existence, I feeling they’re importunate).  My blog ideas: when I first read them I feel like I’m breaking boundaries, like I am William Shakespeare.  Then I reread them.  They’re shit, so shitty infact one might call they’re poolific (like prolific but…) this is a stream of consiousness it was the best I could do.  So there’s the pattern.  The more we explore something, the more it becomes shitty and maybe that’s a life philosophy and maybe it’s not because the pattern is broken by the Olsen twins but it’s just a thought I wanted to get out of my brain and into yours.

Hope you have a great day,

Grace x

Ps.  Any better puns would be appreciated