Hi Everyone!

This is my first post to this site and I’m super excited for you all to come on this journey with me.
Quickly, a bit about me: my name is Grace, I’m 16 and live in England. I don’t really have a plan as to future jobs or anything, as long as I enjoy it I’m sure I’ll be fine 🙂 I like food, puns and Harry Potter among other things (that sounded weird and cheesy and I’m sorry for that but that’s what this get-to-know-me section is all about). School-wise I take English Literature, Tudor History and Economics A Levels and am doing a course in Chinese Heritage, Culture and Language as well.
I play the Cello (i say ‘play’ in a vague sense, really its more like I attempt to and fail at making noises which make sense harmonically and then give up and eat) which is fun.
Anyway, that seems like enough facts about me so…
This blog is basically to allow you guys to stay in the know about what’s going on with me, in a diary sort of a way I suppose, and specifically to keep up-to-date about what the whole team and I are doing to raise money for my trip to South Africa.
Hope you guys have a great day, get in touch if you want.

Much love,
Grace x


5 thoughts on “Hi Everyone!

  1. Hi, I’m a random stranger, but I’m also 16. And I’m pretty sure your title is a pun, which makes me happy (I have a dry sense of humor) and I also love Harry Potter… So you gained a follower. Yay!


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