About me

First things first, hello there!  My name’s Grace and this is my blog… or is it? (It definitely is I’ve just read too much Agatha Christie).  When it comes to personal information and experiences, I’m not sure what people consider too much or not enough, so here’s a list of things that may, not may not be true:

Name: Grace Tompkins

Age: ehhhh lets say not at the age to have a midlife crisis (In that I am not 50 but am having a crisis)

Relationship status: I’ll get back to you on that

Current Location: probably somewhere in England although that’s not a promise


  • Hat wearer
  • Lover of cheese and marmite.  Together or separately, I’m not bothered.
  • Hide and seek champion (if champion means I hid somewhere where there was too much dust and then had to tap out due to asthma related injuries)
  • Keen roller coaster rider
  • At university

So now that’s over let’s get down to business.

I’m just trying to find my feet.  When everything seems to matter so much finding something that doesn’t is… well it’s hard.  And no one seems to be able to tell me how to be a good person.  So I want to learn through fiction and film and meeting people and doing things.  I want to learn.

Also, fuck Donald Trump.



9 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hide and seek champion lol… cool title. you are a ninja. Its nice to meet you in the bog world and hope you continue writing. It will be a challenge, but you will get so much better in time. If you need any advice, I am here to help…

    – Rik


  2. hey .. hi ..saw you at community pool .. firstly i like ya relationship status .. and then i like the way you have expressed yourself .. pious, candid , innocence … all compactly in you … and yes you are beautiful too … look forward to read some good stuff … 🙂

    And yes, i have something for ya .. https://livesmilehelp.wordpress.com/ .. hope you will like it … And suggest something to improve


  3. I found you in the Community Pool. You mentioned you were a new blogger. I help new bloggers at my site. Tips for engaging readers, improving content, and increasing traffic are waiting for you at my blog. There is even an incentive for signing up. Scroll down to Free Cheat Sheet. Nice to meet you.
    Here is the link http://wp.me/P5jxvv-1


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